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Vision PPRC Fittings are made to fulfill the following requirements, These requirements are precisely described in a complete set of European Product Standards for each application alongside their specific characteristics. For example: Conveyance of drinking water: Hygienic requirements Conveyance of gas: Highest Safety requirements Plastic pipes for radiant heating and floor heating: Temperature resistance over decades Sewer applications: High chemical resistance. Plastic pipes are perfectly capable of fulfilling the specific requirement for each application. They do so with a high level of performance over a long lifetime and with reliability and safety. The key factor for success is achieved by maintaining consistently high quality levels. For plastic pipe products, these levels are closely defined by the different standards. Two key aspects are fundamentally important for the excellent performance of plastic pipes: flexibility and long lifetime

Sanitary Items

Our plastic sanitary items manufacturer process is unique. Vision Plastics use different critical criteria to achieve a homogenous blend of the different raw material. Dispersive and distributive mixing as well as heat are important factors. Compounding is usually done by extrusion. The hopper feeds the begin of the screw which will gradually transport the resins towards the die. The screw itself is confined in a barrel that has different zones that can be heated according to the resins properties. Co-kneaders and twin screws (co- and counter rotating) as well internal mixers are the most common used compounders in the plastic industry. The extrudate, which look like long plastic strands, are then cooled in a water bath, or by spraying as the conveyor belt moves it to the granulator. The granulator breaks the strands into the desired pellet sizes
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