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Car Door Handles Made of Plastic

Car Door Handles

Our injection molded containers can be straight sided or tapered, narrow or wide mouth shapes such as jars, tubs and vials. Material is injected into a cavity where pressure forces the resin to conform to the mold body. Containers are capable of holding to a tighter dimensional tolerance, and are more uniform in wall distribution. A wide variety of resins can be processed via the injection molding process, the most popular being polypropylene, styrene and polyethylene.

Fancy Door Handles

We manufacture plastic car door handles for cars.Vision Plastics use injection molding machines for this purpose. Our environment is very important. Our environment determines a lot in our day today lives. It is therefore very essential that we conserve our environment to the best of our abilities. The inhabitants our beautiful planet earth should be sensitized on how to make plastic products from recycled waste materials. It is certain that the use of plastic containers will not cease in the near future. It is therefore quite responsible to use recycled materials to make plastic containers.

Fancy Door Handles for Cars
Some of our Manufactured knobs

Plastic Knobs

Vision Plastics manufactures plastic knobs used in cares and other vehicles. These knobs are attached object or mechanism used to manually open or close. a door handle generally can refer to any fixed or lever-operated door latch device, including on car doors. The term "door knob" or "doorknob" tends to refer to round operating mechanisms.

Handbrake Grips

Vision Plastics manufactures hand break grips for cars and other vehicles. Vision Plastics uses injection molding machine for this process. Plastic Grip is mounted over the hand break liver and it is made of plastic. Vision Plastics manufactures a number of Grips in different colors..

Our Plastic Hand Break Grips