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Different Plastic Buckets


Vision Plastics use Molding Machine to manufacture Plastic Buckets in this process hollow tube or parison is formed by an extruder. A mold cavity, composed of two halves, closes around the parison and pinches off one end. Compressed air expands the parison to conform against the cold mold cavity walls. When sufficiently cool, the mold opens and the container is removed and trimmed of excess plastic or flash. Flash, a basic characteristic of extrusion blow molding, is formed when the parison is pinched off by the mold. Since most resins can be reprocessed, the flash is not wasted but is used as "regrind." Wall distribution, thickness and weight can be controlled by parison programming.

Ketchup Bottles

Vision Plastics, the manufacture of Ketchup bottles takes place in stages. Typically, the Ketchup bottles used to hold potable liquid Ketchup and other drinks are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), because the material is both strong and light. To understand the manufacturing process it’s helpful to first examine the composition of PET and how this affects plastic bottles.

Different Ketchup bottles